Obelisk Art History
Abstract Art 380Abstract Figures 15Achilles 26Adam and Eve 8Airships 10Alchemy 21Allegory 130Altarpieces 11American History 7Amphitheaters 10Anatomy 8Ancient Classics 12Androgyny 14Angels 52Annunciation 8Anthropomorphism 8Apocalypse 7Apparel 13Architectural Drawing 15Art Manifestos 40Art Theory 76Artifacts 28Artist Letters 17Artists of the African Diaspora 31Artists who Died Young 33Astronomy 33Athletes 8Autobiographies 17Ballet 8Bathers 17Beaches 16Beards 14Beauty 19Birds 98Black Subjects 63Boats 82Books 7Bridges 7Busts 27Cafes 8Calligraphy 11Cathedrals 16Catholicism 10Cats 25Chairs 10Cherubs 15Children 100Christian Stories 54Churches 13Cities 45Cliffs 11Cloisonnism 7Clouds 45Clowns 10Costumes 7Couples 24Cows 11Crowds 15Crucifixion 26Cuneiform 15Cupid 8Dancers 43Darkness 12Death in Art 91Decorative Arts 30Deities and Gods 27Demons 16Deserts 7Dionysus, or Bacchus 7Divisionism 13Dogs 23Domes 8Drawing 33Drinking 13Elephants 10Emperors 13Epic Poems 31Eyes 10Family 83Farm 25Female Artists 156Femme Fatales 22Fields 9Fire 10Fish 15Fishing 17Flowers 108Fog 7Folklore 10Forests & Trees 126Framed Artwork 27Fruit 47Funerary Artwork 27Furniture 11Games 13Gardens 38Geometric Art 56Ghosts 7Girls 65Goddess 12Graphic Design 7Greek and Roman Mythology 163Grimoires 47Group Portrait 18Hair 17Hands 11Hats 65Heads 24Heaven 8Hell 17Histories 8Horror 18Horses 55Houses 13Human-animal Hybrids 9Hunting 10Illuminated Manuscripts 21Insects 8Instruments 27Interior Design 9Islands 8Jesus Christ 88Jewelry 14John the Baptist 10Judith and Holophernes 17Jupiter, or Zeus 8LGBTQ Artists 27Landscape Painting 178Law 16Light 11Lions 24Love 24Magic 18Malaise 20Mannequins 10Maps 14Mary Magdalene 10Masks 26Melancholy 15Men 45Metaphysical Art 38Military Art 20Mirrors 12Monkeys 7Monochrome Artwork 37Monsters 23Mothers 53Mountains 61Mourning 14Muses 11Music 33Musicians 23Mysticism 10Nativity 8Natürlichekunst, or Natural Art 7Night 40Nymph 9Ocean 12Outsider Art 57Painting 51Parties 12Pattern 36Phallic Symbols 16Philosophy 13Photography 26Plants 9Play 8Poetry 28Political Works 129Portrait Miniatures & Medallions 9Portraits 468Posters 7Prayer 15Primitivism 28Printmaking 66Propaganda 11Psyche 10Public Squares 11Puppetry 8Pyramids 9Rayonism 11Readymade 8Reclining Nude 22Relief Sculpture 14Revolutionary Artists 10River 30River Bank 21Rooftops 9Royalty 42Ruins 10Saints 65Salomé 17Satan 9Science 21Scientific Illustration 13Sculpture 165Seascapes 47Self-portraits 164Shadow 15Shaped Canvases 80Sheep 10Skeletons 14Sketches 20Skulls 19Sleep 11Smoking 18Snakes 22Snow 15Social Realism 7Soldiers 12Sphinx 9Stars 9Still Life 141Storms 11Streets 10Studies 27Studio 8Sunsets 23Symmetry 15Temples 25The Divine Comedy 13The Moon 28The Nude in Art 121The Peasant War 7The Story of Psyche 7The Sublime 8The Sun 8The Virgin Mary 87Theories of Religion 16Tombs 9Tonalism 29Tondo 7Towns & Villages 17Trains 10Typography 24Ulysses 52Vanitas 7Vase 12Venus 25Vessels 36Violence 11Visionary Art 10War 44Water 18Water Falls 10Weapons 8Weddings 7Windows 29Witches 9Women 376Word Art 7Work 55

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