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Funerary Artwork

Aafenmut Canopic Jars

712 BCE-664 BCE

Alabaster Cinerary Urn

300 BCE-200 BCE

Cannon, Fantasy Coffin

Paa Joe, 1976-2016

Canopic Jars

900 BCE

Canopic Urn

600 BCE

Chili, Fantasy Coffin

Paa Joe, 1976-2016

Daughter of Mousaios, Funerary Stele

250 CE

Fish, Fantasy Coffin

Paa Joe, 1976-2016

Funerary Male Portrait

1500 BCE

Gold Marilyn Monroe

Andy Warhol, 1962

Gold Pectoral of Cerveteri

675 BCE

Grave Mask from Grave Circle A

1600 BCE-1500 BCE

Hut Urn

800 BCE

In Memoriam Karl Liebknecht

Käthe Kollwitz, 1920

Malagan (Funerary Carving)


Mummy with an Inserted Panel Portrait of a Youth

80 CE-100 CE

Nike Shoe, Fantasy Coffin

Paa Joe, 2004

Portrait of a Young Woman

200 CE

Sankofa Bird, Fantasy Coffin

Paa Joe, 1976-2016

Shrimp, Fantasy Coffin

Paa Joe, 1976-2016

Warrior of Capestrano

500 BCE

Zhenmushou, Tomb Guardian

740 CE
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The canvas mirror


Reimagining natural beauty

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