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Funerary Artwork

Alabaster Cinerary Urn

300 BCE-200 BCE

Canopic Jars

900 BCE

Canopic Urn

600 BCE

Daughter of Mousaios, Funerary Stele

250 CE

Funerary Male Portrait

1500 BCE

Gold Marilyn Monroe

Andy Warhol, 1962

Gold Pectoral

675 BCE

Grave Mask from Grave Circle A

1600 BCE-1500 BCE

Hut Urn

800 BCE

In Memoriam Karl Liebknecht

Käthe Kollwitz, 1920

Malagan (Funerary Carving)


Mummy with an Inserted Panel Portrait of a Youth

80 CE-100 CE

Portrait of a Young Woman

200 CE

Warrior of Capestrano

500 BCE

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