A New History of Art
Natürlichekunst, or Natural Art, Themes in Art

Natürlichekunst, or Natural Art

A few weeks ago I saw my first gongshí in person. Two hours into a rangy wander through the least popular rooms in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and my brain was collapsing. I’d gotten stuck in one those second floor balconies above the greek marbles, consumed by endless rows of uninspired cycladic pottery and votives to pedestrian gods. Read More


Alexandre Cabanel

Creativity vs the Académie

From its subject matter and color scheme to the visibility of each brushstroke, Alexandre Cabanel's artwork was defined by the total authority of the Académie — but even under extreme constraint, creativity finds ways to express itself. Read More

Alexandre Cabanel, The Artists
Random Draw

Emperor Antoninus Pius

Ancient Rome, 161 CE

Antoninus Pius is often referred to as one of the 'Five Good Emperors' of ancient Rome, so called for reigning during the Roman Empire's most powerful and influential period. Read More

Emperor Antoninus Pius, Ancient Rome
Born on May 16

Tamara de Lempicka

Rediscover the elegance with luminous and brilliant colors

Tamara de Lempicka, The Artists

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