A New History of Art

Artists who Died Young

Why do great artists die young?

It's a nearly mythological phenomenon. A young creative genius takes the world by storm. Their artwork, music, poetry—it's raw. Unfiltered. The strength of their message, their confusion, energy, love and pain jump into our hearts. Then they overdose, die of illness, or take their own life. Read More


Delivery of the Keys to St Peter and the Ascension of Christ

Donatello, 1430

In the early 15th century, the Florentine artist Donatello revived an ancient style of relief sculpture. Read More

Random Draw

Portrait of an Old Man

El Greco, 1600

El Greco’s candid portraits have been consistently admired for their naturalism and psychological insight, even when his other works fell out of favor. Since about 1900 this portrait of about has been alternately accepted and rejected as a self-portrait. No indisputable evidence of the artist’s appearance is known, although El Greco appears to have cast himself in supporting roles within a few religious pictures. Read More

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