A New History of Art

Artists who Died Young

Why do great artists die young?

It's a nearly mythological phenomenon. A young creative genius takes the world by storm. Their artwork, music, poetry—it's raw. Unfiltered. The strength of their message, their confusion, energy, love and pain jump into our hearts. Then they overdose, die of illness, or take their own life. Read More


Long-tailed, or Dusky Grous

John James Audubon, 1838

'The Dusky Grouse breeds in the shady forests of the Columbia, where we heard and saw them throughout the summer. The male at various times of the day makes a curious uncouth tooting, almost like the sound made by blowing into the bung-hole of a barrel, boo, wh'h, wh'h, wh'h, wh'h, the last note descending into a kind of echo. Read More

Random Draw

Giorgio de Chirico

Enchanted space in the city of Nietzsche

Giorgio de Chirico was born to an Italian family living in Greece and studied in Athens, Florence and Munich, where he was influenced by Nietzsche's philosophy and Arnold Böcklin's Symbolist art. In 1910, de Chirico moved to Paris where he made contact with Picasso and befriended Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet and leader of the avant-gardistic movement rejecting poetic traditions in outlook, rhythm, and language. Read More

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