A New History of Art
Alexandre Cabanel, The Artists

Alexandre Cabanel

Creativity vs the Académie

From its subject matter and color scheme to the visibility of each brushstroke, Alexandre Cabanel's artwork was defined by the total authority of the Académie — but even under extreme constraint, creativity finds ways to express itself. Read More


Hilma af Klint

The world isn't ready

Hilma af Klint’s last wish was that her life’s work, over 1000 drawings and paintings, be hidden for 20 years after her death. Read More

Hilma af Klint, The Artists
Random Draw

Piazza San Marco

Canaletto, 1720

When you adhear as closely to realism as Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, critique of your work becomes rather dull. In this case, his rendering of the Piazza San Marco in Venice nearly passes realistic muster, except for the bell tower, which has eight windows rising to the balcony, and 'ol Canal only painted five. Read More

Piazza San Marco, Canaletto

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