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Hustle and grind

Al Sham District, Jeddah, Abdul Halim Radwi

Al Sham District, Jeddah

Abdul Halim Radwi, 1985
Avenue of the Allies (5th Avenue), Anne Goldthwaite

Avenue of the Allies (5th Avenue)

Anne Goldthwaite, 1918
Black Belt, Archibald Motley

Black Belt

Archibald Motley, 1934
Boulevard du Temple, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre

Boulevard du Temple

Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, 1838
City (The Street), Tarsila do Amaral

City (The Street)

Tarsila do Amaral, 1929
City Limits, Philip Guston

City Limits

Philip Guston, 1969
City On Fire, Olga Rozanova

City On Fire

Olga Rozanova, 1914
City With Animals, Max Ernst

City With Animals

Max Ernst, 1919
Coronation backdrop for ‘The Firebird’, Natalia Goncharova

Coronation backdrop for ‘The Firebird’

Natalia Goncharova, 1926
Grand Central, Nemesio Antúnez

Grand Central

Nemesio Antúnez, 1968
Illustration for Souz Molodyozhi, Olga Rozanova

Illustration for Souz Molodyozhi

Olga Rozanova, 1913
Jardin du Luxembourg, Loïs Mailou Jones

Jardin du Luxembourg

Loïs Mailou Jones, c. 1948
Man on the Street (Analysis of Volumes), Olga Rozanova

Man on the Street (Analysis of Volumes)

Olga Rozanova, 1913
Mardakan view, Sattar Bahlulzade

Mardakan view

Sattar Bahlulzade, 1969
New York, Albert Gleizes

New York

Albert Gleizes, 1916
New York, N.Y., Franz Kline

New York, N.Y.

Franz Kline, 1953
Nigerian Piccadilly Circus, Uzo Egonu

Nigerian Piccadilly Circus

Uzo Egonu, 1969
Ornamental Gargoyle, Chrysler Building, Margaret Bourke-White

Ornamental Gargoyle, Chrysler Building

Margaret Bourke-White, 1934
Outskirts of Paris near Montmartre, Vincent Van Gogh

Outskirts of Paris near Montmartre

Vincent Van Gogh, 1887
Piazza San Marco, Canaletto

Piazza San Marco

Canaletto, 1720
Plan of Rome, from Le Antichità Romane, Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Plan of Rome, from Le Antichità Romane

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1756
Roofs of Chinatown, Tilsa Tsuchiya

Roofs of Chinatown

Tilsa Tsuchiya, 1954
Simultaneous Visions, Umberto Boccioni

Simultaneous Visions

Umberto Boccioni, 1912
Spring, Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1894
Stage Design for The Firebird, Act II, Natalia Goncharova

Stage Design for The Firebird, Act II

Natalia Goncharova, 1926
Street Scene, Faeq Hassan

Street Scene

Faeq Hassan, 1968
The Boulevard Montmartre at Night, Camille Pissarro

The Boulevard Montmartre at Night

Camille Pissarro, 1897
The Boulevard Montmartre on an Winter Morning, Camille Pissarro

The Boulevard Montmartre on an Winter Morning

Camille Pissarro, 1897
The City, Olga Rozanova

The City

Olga Rozanova, 1914
The City Rises, Umberto Boccioni

The City Rises

Umberto Boccioni, 1910
The Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice, Canaletto

The Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice

Canaletto, 1730
The Flatiron, Early Photography

The Flatiron

Edward J. Steichen, 1904-1909
The Grand Canal from San Vio, Venice, Canaletto

The Grand Canal from San Vio, Venice

Canaletto, 1723-1724
The Piazza San Marco in Venice, Canaletto

The Piazza San Marco in Venice

Canaletto, 1723-1724
The Soul of the City, Marc Chagall

The Soul of the City

Marc Chagall, 1945
The Square of St Mark's, Venice, Canaletto

The Square of St Mark's, Venice

Canaletto, 1742-1744
The Street, Romare Bearden

The Street

Romare Bearden, 1964
True Love, Bodo

True Love

Bodo, 2013
Untitled, Gaganendranath Tagore


Gaganendranath Tagore, 1920
Untitled, Abdul Halim Radwi


Abdul Halim Radwi, 1996
Utopian Buildings, Wenzel Hablik

Utopian Buildings

Wenzel Hablik, 1922
Victory Arch and Flatiron Bldg, Early Photography

Victory Arch and Flatiron Bldg

View and Plan of Toledo, El Greco

View and Plan of Toledo

El Greco, 1610-1614
View of intersection of Eighth Street and Market Street, Philadelphia, Robert Cornelius

View of intersection of Eighth Street and Market Street, Philadelphia

Robert Cornelius, 1840
View of Lausanne II, Matthijs Maris

View of Lausanne II

Matthijs Maris, 1861-1862
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