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View and Plan of Toledo

View and Plan of Toledo, 1614, El Greco
View and Plan of Toledo, zoomed in
132 cm228 cm

View and Plan of Toledo is a Spanish Renaissance Oil on Canvas Painting created by El Greco from 1610 to 1614. It lives at the Museo Del Greco in Spain. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Landscapes, Cities and Maps. Download

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El Greco only painted two landscapes, and this was his second. A dizzying look down at the Spanish city of Toledo, the horizon slopes away towards a young man who holds a bird’s eye map of the city. The Hospital of Don Juan Tavera sits near the painting’s center — moved from it’s literal location to show the facade in detail. Above the city, the Virgin Mary presents a vestment to St Ildefonso, a sainted bishop of Toledo’s past.

Reed Enger, "View and Plan of Toledo," in Obelisk Art History, Published November 25, 2015; last modified May 19, 2021, http://arthistoryproject.com/artists/el-greco/view-and-plan-of-toledo/.

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