El Salvador

El Salvador, 1614, El Greco
68 cm55 cm

El Salvador is a Spanish Renaissance Oil on Canvas Painting created by El Greco from 1610 to 1614. It lives at the Museo Nacional Del Prado in Spain. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Jesus Christ, Catholicism and Halo. Source

This work represents average figure of Jesus Christ seen from the front and giving a blessing with his right hand, while the left rests in a crystal globe. The head slightly turned to the right, it is framed by a diamond halo. El Salvador takes only a red robe, no mantle, although the folding drawn over the left shoulder.

This work is part of a ministry that comes from the Church of Almadrones, Guadalajara, which is repeated with little variation model of the apostolates of the Cathedral of Toledo and Casa-Museo del Greco in the same city. Four paintings from the series are in the Prado: El Salvador, Santiago, Thomas and San Pablo.

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