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Animated Fantastic Landscape, Bodo

Animated Fantastic Landscape

Bodo, 2001
CAAD Auto Fallease, Charles Dellschau

CAAD Auto Fallease

Charles Dellschau, 1919
Illustration 43, Measure Across Center, Charles Dellschau

Illustration 43, Measure Across Center

Charles Dellschau, 1900
Liftpower Harnessed, Charles Dellschau

Liftpower Harnessed

Charles Dellschau, 1899
Plate 2627: Guarda, Charles Dellschau

Plate 2627: Guarda

Charles Dellschau, 1912
Plate 4520: MAYBE, Charles Dellschau

Plate 4520: MAYBE

Charles Dellschau, 1899-1900
Recolections Part 2, Prof Carolus on Otto Krause, Charles Dellschau

Recolections Part 2, Prof Carolus on Otto Krause

Charles Dellschau, 1899-1900
Revolving Generator, Charles Dellschau

Revolving Generator

Charles Dellschau, 1899
The Spark of Life, Charles Dellschau

The Spark of Life

Charles Dellschau, 1899-1900
Weather Lodge, Charles Dellschau

Weather Lodge

Charles Dellschau, 1899
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Still Lifes, Themes in Art

Still Lifes

Quiet moments with simple objects

Cuneiform, Themes in Art


The Nude in Art, Themes in Art

The Nude in Art

Getting out the skin

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