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Aquamanile in the form of a ram, Kingdom of Benin

Aquamanile in the form of a ram

c. 1700-1800
Bowl with Arabic Inscription, Islamic Dynastic Art

Bowl with Arabic Inscription

Bowl with Arabic Proverb, Islamic Dynastic Art

Bowl with Arabic Proverb

Bronze Basin, Bronze Age

Bronze Basin

c. 700 BCE
Bushel with Ibex Motifs, Neolithic

Bushel with Ibex Motifs

4200 BCE-3500 BCE
Canopic Jars, Ancient Egypt

Canopic Jars

900 BCE
Canopic Urn, The Etruscans

Canopic Urn

600 BCE
Chalice of the Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis, Gothic Art

Chalice of the Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis

100 BCE-1140
Chocolate Pot, François-Thomas Germain

Chocolate Pot

François-Thomas Germain, 1765-1766
Circular “pilgrim” Flask, The Etruscans

Circular “pilgrim” Flask

750 BCE
Cista Depicting a Dionysian Revel and Perseus with Medusa's Head, The Etruscans

Cista Depicting a Dionysian Revel and Perseus with Medusa's Head

400 BCE
Coffeepot, François-Thomas Germain


François-Thomas Germain, 1757
Cycladic Kernos — Vase for Offerings, Aegean Civilizations

Cycladic Kernos — Vase for Offerings

2300 BCE-2200 BCE
Egyptian Vessel, Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Vessel

1400 BCE
Greek Drinking Vessel, Ancient Greece

Greek Drinking Vessel

550 BCE
Jar with Dragons, Ancient China

Jar with Dragons

1200 BCE-1100 BCE
Jug in the Form of a Woman's Head (Oinochoe), The Etruscans

Jug in the Form of a Woman's Head (Oinochoe)

300 BCE
Lapita carinated vessel, Teouma Pot No. 2, Lapita Expansion

Lapita carinated vessel, Teouma Pot No. 2

c. 1200 BCE-1000 BCE
Lapita Pottery Sherds, Lapita Expansion

Lapita Pottery Sherds

c. 1220 BCE-910 BCE
Majiayao Geometric Bowl, Neolithic

Majiayao Geometric Bowl

3300 BCE-2650 BCE
Minoan Serpentine Tankard, Aegean Civilizations

Minoan Serpentine Tankard

1750 BCE-1450 BCE
Mycenaean Bull Rhyton, Aegean Civilizations

Mycenaean Bull Rhyton

1550 BCE-1500 BCE
Mycenaean Lion Rhyton, Aegean Civilizations

Mycenaean Lion Rhyton

1600 BCE-1500 BCE
Mycenaean Octopus Stirrup Jar, Aegean Civilizations

Mycenaean Octopus Stirrup Jar

1200 BCE-1100 BCE
Patterned bowl, Igbo-Ukwu

Patterned bowl

c. 800 CE-900 CE
Phoenician-style ewer, The Iberians

Phoenician-style ewer

600 BCE
Ritual grain server (Gui), Ancient China

Ritual grain server (Gui)

1000 BCE-900 BCE
Ritual wine cup (Zhi), Ancient China

Ritual wine cup (Zhi)

1100 BCE-1000 BCE
Ritual wine warmer (Jia), Ancient China

Ritual wine warmer (Jia)

1400 BCE-1250 BCE
Silver Vase with Cuneiform, Mesopotamia

Silver Vase with Cuneiform

2400 BCE
Terracotta calyx-krater, Ancient Greece

Terracotta calyx-krater

400 BCE-390 BCE
Terracotta column-krater, Ancient Greece

Terracotta column-krater

430 BCE
Triton Shell Vessel, Igbo-Ukwu

Triton Shell Vessel

c. 800 CE-900 CE
Vix Krater, Ancient Greece

Vix Krater

530 BCE
YangShao Amphora, Neolithic

YangShao Amphora

3000 BCE
Zodiac Ewer, Medieval Persian Art

Zodiac Ewer

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