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Group Portrait

A Funeral, Anna Ancher

A Funeral

Anna Ancher, 1891
Family Group, Joshua Johnson

Family Group

Joshua Johnson, 1800
Family Portrait, II, Florine Stettheimer

Family Portrait, II

Florine Stettheimer, 1933
Ferdinand IV King of Naples and his Family, Angelica Kauffmann

Ferdinand IV King of Naples and his Family

Angelica Kauffmann, 1782-1783
Five Women, Alex Katz

Five Women

Alex Katz, 1977
Four Girls in Åsgårdstrand, Edvard Munch

Four Girls in Åsgårdstrand

Edvard Munch, 1903
Gang of Three, Richard Hambleton

Gang of Three

Richard Hambleton, 1984-1994
Garveyite Family, Harlem, James Van Der Zee

Garveyite Family, Harlem

James Van Der Zee, 1924
Group Apparatus, Alice Austen

Group Apparatus

Alice Austen, 1893
Las Meninas, Diego Velázquez

Las Meninas

Diego Velázquez, 1656
Réunion à la campagne, Marie Laurencin

Réunion à la campagne

Marie Laurencin, 1909
The Agnew Clinic, Thomas Eakins

The Agnew Clinic

Thomas Eakins, 1889
The Burghers of Amsterdam Avenue, Elaine de Kooning

The Burghers of Amsterdam Avenue

Elaine de Kooning, 1963
The Intrigue, James Ensor

The Intrigue

James Ensor, 1890
The Three Sisters, Élisabeth Chaplin

The Three Sisters

Élisabeth Chaplin, 1912
The Wyndham Sisters, John Singer Sargent

The Wyndham Sisters

John Singer Sargent, 1899
Two Heads, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz

Two Heads

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, 1920
Untitled Portrait, Mersad Berber

Untitled Portrait

Mersad Berber, c. 2000
More Themes in Art
Abstract Art, Themes in Art

Abstract Art

Unshackled from the figure

Still Lifes, Themes in Art

Still Lifes

Quiet moments with simple objects

Abstract Figures, Themes in Art

Abstract Figures

Hinting at the human form

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