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After the Hunt, Gustave Courbet

After the Hunt

Gustave Courbet, 1859
Bird’s-Nesters, Jean-François Millet


Jean-François Millet, 1874
Blue Animal with Five Figures, Bill Traylor

Blue Animal with Five Figures

Bill Traylor, 1939-1942
Portrait of Nicholas Anne de Lisle, Marianne Loir

Portrait of Nicholas Anne de Lisle

Marianne Loir, c. 1750
Sketch for The Lion Hunt, Peter Paul Rubens

Sketch for The Lion Hunt

Peter Paul Rubens, 1614-1615
The Boar Hunt, Frans Snyders

The Boar Hunt

Frans Snyders, 1650
The Halt during the Chase, Jean-Antoine Watteau

The Halt during the Chase

Jean-Antoine Watteau, 1718-1720
The Hunt of the Unicorn, Northern Renaissance

The Hunt of the Unicorn

The Wolf and Fox Hunt, Peter Paul Rubens

The Wolf and Fox Hunt

Peter Paul Rubens, 1616
The Wounded Deer, Frida Kahlo

The Wounded Deer

Frida Kahlo, 1946
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