Why are we cataloging furnature on a platform about art history? Isn't this a place for paintings? For millenia furnature has not only provided utility, but also brought beauty to our lives. Furnature may be considered one of the decorative arts, but we think it’s more than that. A king’s thrown may be a chair, but it also communicates power. A book-stand can elevate the book it holds, using craftsmanship and expense to signal importance. Furnature can tell a story about the people who use it.

Reed Enger, "Furniture," in Obelisk Art History, Published July 22, 2017; last modified July 22, 2017,

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'The Rich Catch of Fish' Armchair

Koloman Moser, 1900

Bird-Leg Table

Méret Oppenheim, 1973

Casket with Warriors and Dancers


Inlaid Eisler-Terramare Armoire

Koloman Moser, 1903

Lacquered Wood Chair

Koloman Moser, 1905

Purkersdorf Sanatorium Armchair

Koloman Moser, 1903

Sketches for Eisler Terramare High Chair

Koloman Moser, 1903

Stand for a Qur'an Manuscript


Sussex Armchair

William Morris, 1865-1890

The Laugh

Umberto Boccioni, 1911

The Peacock Room

James McNeill Whistler, 1877
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