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Air and Train Station with Funiculars

Antonio Sant'Elia, 1914

Arch of Titus

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1748

Chimneypiece: Frieze of Trophies and Winged Victories

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1769

Della Magnificenza e d'Architettura de' Romani

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1765

Design for an Exhibition Building

Wenzel Hablik, 1919

Elevation and Plan of Theater of Marcellus

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1756

Hadrian's Villa: The Piazza d'Oro

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1776

Industrial Building with Corner Tower

Antonio Sant'Elia, 1913

The Grand Piazza

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1750

The New City

Antonio Sant'Elia, 1914

The New City — House Stairs with External Lifts

Antonio Sant'Elia, 1914

The New City — House Staircasing

Antonio Sant'Elia, 1914

The Power Plant

Antonio Sant'Elia, 1914

Waterside Buildings

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1834

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