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At The Moulin Rouge, The Dance

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1890

Ballerinas In The Dressing Room

Zinaida Serebriakova, 1923

Biblical scenes

Bodo, 1953

Blue Dancer

Gino Severini, 1912


Georges Seurat, 1889-1890

Dance of Life

Edvard Munch, 1899-1900

Dancers Practicing at the Barre

Edgar Degas, 1877

Dynamic Hieroglyphic of the Bal Tabarin

Gino Severini, 1912

Moulin Rouge, La Goulue

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1891


Ben Enwonwu, 1985

New Year's Night — Cafe Versaille

Anne Goldthwaite, 1910

Obitun Dancers

Ben Enwonwu, 1990

Princes of Mali

Ben Enwonwu, 1976

Queen Of Shamakhan from 'Le Coq d'Or'

Natalia Goncharova, 1913

Sea = Dancer

Gino Severini, 1914

The Ballet Dancer

Grégoire Michonze, 1934

Two Dancers on a Stage

Edgar Degas, 1874

Zoopraxiscope, a couple waltzing

Eadweard Muybridge, 1893

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