Bathers on the Beach

Giorgio de Chirico, 1934

Beach in Normandy

Gustave Courbet, 1875

Chalk Cliffs

Sigrid Hjertén, 1935

Coastline of the Isle of Gozo

Augustus Osborne Lamplough, 1900

Dune 1

Piet Mondrian, 1909

Dune 2

Piet Mondrian, 1909

Dune 3

Piet Mondrian, 1909

Figure Ashore

Wenzel Hablik, 1904-1907

Massilia, Greek Colony

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 1868-1869

Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird

Joan Miró, 1926


Maurice Denis, 1907

Regatta at Sainte-Adresse

Claude Monet, 1867

Rocky Coast and Gulls

Winslow Homer, 1869

The Beach at Sainte-Adresse

Claude Monet, 1867

The Wave

Gustave Courbet, 1869-1867
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