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Umberto Boccioni, 1913

Atelier Composition

Man Ray, 1933

Bust of Dr. Dio Lewis

Mary Edmonia Lewis, 1868

Bust of Nefertiti

1340 BCE

Bust of Patroclus

William Henry Fox Talbot, 1843

Emperor Antoninus Pius

138 CE-161 CE

Etruscan Woman

300 BCE


Antoine Pevsner, 1923-1924

Head and Shoulders

Henry Munyaradzi, 1992

Head of a Vestal Virgin

Antonio Canova, 1821-1822

Head of Etruscan Woman

200 BCE

Head of Gudea

2144 BCE-2124 BCE

Head of Plato

370 BCE

Horse head Medici Riccardi

325 BCE

Lady of Elche

499 BCE

Pallas with the Parthenon

François Auguste René Rodin, 1896

Protome Carafa

Donatello, 1456-1465

The Head of Hammurabi

1790 BCE

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