Themes in Art

Revolutionary Artists

Every artwork contains an idea, and sometimes ideas are dangerous. Through history artists have weaponized their work to wage war on tradition, fight dogma, and promote radical change. The artists below developed new methods of creating art and wrote manifestos to share their ideas with the world. Here we find the passionate visionaries — André Breton imitating lunatics to draft the roots of SurrealismKazimir Malevich wishing death on the academics of his time, and Liubov Popova who rejected art itself to embrace populist craftsmanship. If you're looking for a blueprint for creating change, dig in.

Antonio Sant'Elia

Prophet of the violent, industrial future


Liubov Popova

We shall remake the world


Kazimir Malevich

"Art does not need us, and it never did"


Luigi Russolo

Machines that scream — inventing Futurist music


Umberto Boccioni

Why can’t I stop painting my mother?


Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

A poet creates a church of speed and violence


André Breton

A psychiatrist releases his mind and invents Surrealism


Wenzel Hablik

The architect of invisible cities


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