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A Sheep and Goat, Zhao Mengfu

A Sheep and Goat

Zhao Mengfu, c. 1300
Bowl with Arabic Proverb, Islamic Dynastic Art

Bowl with Arabic Proverb

Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains, Wang Meng

Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains

Wang Meng, 1366
Experiment with Calligraphy, Saloua Raouda Choucair

Experiment with Calligraphy

Saloua Raouda Choucair, 1949
Fishing in Reclusion at Cha-hsi, Wang Meng

Fishing in Reclusion at Cha-hsi

Wang Meng, 1370
Forest Grotto in Juqu, Wang Meng

Forest Grotto in Juqu

Wang Meng, 1370
Kufic Script from a Qur'an, Islamic Dynastic Art

Kufic Script from a Qur'an

900 CE
Nasta'liq Calligraphy, Bichitr

Nasta'liq Calligraphy

Bichitr, 1640
Ode on the Red Cliff and Portrait of Su Shi, Zhao Mengfu

Ode on the Red Cliff and Portrait of Su Shi

Zhao Mengfu, c. 1300
Poem Written in a Boat on the Wu River, Song Dynasty

Poem Written in a Boat on the Wu River

Qur'an leaf in Kufic script, Islamic Dynastic Art

Qur'an leaf in Kufic script

900 CE
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The Nude in Art

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Ancient Classics, Themes in Art

Ancient Classics

A good story never gets old

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