Epic Poems

The transformations of man and gods from before formation of the world


Ovid, 1 CE

The adventures of Aeneis the Trojan, and what happens when the gods hate you

The Aeneid

Virgil, 19 CE

The Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri, 1320

The Epic of Gilgamesh

2100 BCE

The Gilgamesh Flood Tablet

700 BCE

The Iliad

Homer, translated by Samuel Butler, 800 BCE

It takes 1.8 million words to describe the meaning of life

The Mahābhārata

Vyasa, 400 BCE

The Odyssey

Homer, 800 BCE
More Themes in Art

Art Theory

Artists unpack the nature of art


Spend some time in a quiet place

Artist Letters

From the heart to the pen

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