The adventures of Aeneis the Trojan, and what happens when the gods hate you


by Virgil, 19 CE


Book 1

A storm at sea, and the fury of a goddess

Book 2

The Trojan horse, and the fall of the city of Troy

Book 3

Escape from Troy, a meeting with a ghost, a six-headed monster, and a prophesy.

Book 4

The passionate love, and furious death of queen Dido

Book 5

A day of memorial games ends in fire

Book 6

A visit to the underworld to meet a father's ghost

Book 7

A marriage proposal incites a war

Book 8

If you must go to war, get the gods on your side

Book 9

Pitched battle at the trojan camp — stay far away from Turnus

Book 10

A duel with spears

Book 11

Camilla and the warrior maidens

Book 12

The final battle

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