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A Shade Tree

Chang Ucchin, 1989

Black and White

Man Ray, 1926

Boy on the Rocks

Henri Rousseau, 1895-1897


Chang Ucchin, 1957


Chang Ucchin, 1987

Myself: Portrait – Landscape

Henri Rousseau, 1890

One Who Understands

Paul Klee, 1934


Chang Ucchin, 1949

Portrait of a Man

Henri Rousseau, 1905

Portrait of a Woman

Henri Rousseau, 1895

Portrait of a Woman

Henri Rousseau, 1895

Portrait of Leon-Paul Fargue

Henri Rousseau, 1896

Portrait of Pierre Loti

Henri Rousseau, 1891

Reo Tahiti (Vairaumati)

Paul Gauguin, 1897

Representatives of Foreign Powers

Henri Rousseau, 1907

Self-portrait of the Artist with a Lamp

Henri Rousseau, 1903

Skeletons Fighting over a Hanged Man

James Ensor, 1891


Chang Ucchin, 1978

The Night and an Old man

Chang Ucchin, 1990

The Poet Reclining

Marc Chagall, 1915

The Sleeping Gypsy

Henri Rousseau, 1897

The Snake Charmer

Henri Rousseau, 1907


Chang Ucchin, 1986
More Themes in Art


The Nude in Art

Getting out the skin


The canvas mirror

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