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Anxiety, Edvard Munch


Edvard Munch, 1894
Composition, Dado, Miodrag Đurić


Dado, Miodrag Đurić, 1969
Green Eye Composition, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz

Green Eye Composition

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, 1918
Little Sun, Hannah Höch

Little Sun

Hannah Höch, 1969
Man of Sorrows, James Ensor

Man of Sorrows

James Ensor, 1891
Outside the Coal Mine, Thornton Dial

Outside the Coal Mine

Thornton Dial, 1994
Saturn Devouring one of his Children, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

Saturn Devouring one of his Children

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1823
Soft Construction with Boiled Beans, Salvador Dalí

Soft Construction with Boiled Beans

Salvador Dalí, 1936
Still Life (Naturaleza muerte), Antonia Eiriz

Still Life (Naturaleza muerte)

Antonia Eiriz, 1967
The Antipope, Max Ernst

The Antipope

Max Ernst, 1941-1942
The Bad Doctors, James Ensor

The Bad Doctors

James Ensor, 1892
The Cave of Spleen, Aubrey Beardsley

The Cave of Spleen

Aubrey Beardsley, 1896
The Child and the Rats, Dado, Miodrag Đurić

The Child and the Rats

Dado, Miodrag Đurić, 1967
Those on Top, Those Below, Antonia Eiriz

Those on Top, Those Below

Antonia Eiriz, 1963
Untitled, Antonia Eiriz


Antonia Eiriz, c. 1960
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