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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

The Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson1776

Now, consider carefully which you would rather do, so that later you will not regret your decision

Art school or the kitchen? Modersohn-Becker's letters to her parents

Paula Modersohn-Becker1893

The purpose of applying art: to add beauty to the results of the work of man and to add pleasure to the work itself

The Arts and Crafts of Today

William Morris1889

It is right and necessary that all men should have work to do which shall he worth doing

Art and Socialism

William Morris1884

Even if someone paints a 'green sun', I will not say it is wrong.

A Green Sun

Kōtarō Takamura1910

a fool is a man with no intellect, and a man without learning cannot have intellect

An Encouragement for Learning

Fukuzawa Yukichi1872

Therefore one day it will come to pass, that the mouth of those vipers will be stopped and the triple crown will be brought to nought

The Rosicrucian Manifestos


Must toiling Man for ever meet disgrace, and eat his hard earn’d bread with heated face, and all his acts in dull Oblivion lay

On Labour, Creativity and Patriotism

Joseph Mallord William Turner1809

Have I given the message?—O Allah, be my witness.

Muhammad's Farewell Sermon


Every one shall have his portion from the side to which he belongs.

The Medina Charter


Expression, for me, does not reside in passions glowing in a human face or manifested by violent movement. The entire arrangement of my picture is expressive.

Notes of a Painter

Henri Matisse1908

Just a word, and the word a movement.

1st Dada Manifesto

Hugo Ball1916

Elementarism is the purest, and...the most direct means of expression of the human spirit

Elementarism (Fragment of a Manifesto)

Theo van Doesburg1927

A treatise on the effect of infinite reproducibility on art, and a caution against fascist propaganda. Both more relevant than ever.

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction


A record of the rebuilding of the first Gothic cathedral, St. Denis

The Book of Suger, Abbot of St. Denis

Abbot Suger1140

Wake! For the Sun, who scatter'd into flight The Stars before him from the Field of Night,

The Rubaiyat

Omar Khayyam1120

The sentiments of men often differ with regard to beauty and deformity of all kinds

Of the Standard of Taste

David Hume1742

We are like a raging wind that rips up the clothes of clouds and prayers, we are preparing the great spectacle of disaster, conflagration and decomposition.

Dada Manifesto

Tristan Tzara1918

For the sake of the peace of our times, each one may have the free opportunity to worship as he pleases

The Edict of Milan

Constantine I, Licinius313

Abandon love, abandon aestheticism, abandon the baggage of wisdom, for in the new culture, your wisdom is ridiculous and insignificant. I have untied the knots of wisdom and liberated the consciousness of color!

From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism

Kazimir Malevich1915

This is how we decompose and recompose the universe according to our marvelous whims

The Futurist Cinema

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti1916

Literature has exalted pensive immobility, ecstasy, and sleep. We exalt aggressive action, a feverish insomnia...The world’s magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed.

The Futurist Manifesto

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti1909

Ancient life was all silence. Today, Noise reigns supreme over the sensibility of men.

The Art of Noises

Luigi Russolo1913

There is an old and a new consciousness of time

De Stijl Manifesto

Theo van Doesburg1918

Art for life and even more—life for art!

Rayonists and Futurists: A Manifesto

Natalia Goncharova1913

There is nothing more awful in the world than repetition, uniformity

The Bases of the New Creation

Olga Rozanova1913

Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible.

Creative Credo

Paul Klee1920

'What is this shocking anomaly you are producing?'

Exact Experiments in the Realm of Art

Paul Klee1928

The artist is himself nature and a part of nature in natural space

Ways to Study Nature

Paul Klee1923

We see that nations have sprung from obscurity, risen to glory, and decayed. Their rise has in general been marked by virtue; their decadence by vice, vanity, and licentiousness. Let us beware!

Sicilian Scenery and Antiquities — Part 2

Thomas Cole1844

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