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Whoever wants to know something about me - as an artist which alone is significant - they should look attentively at my pictures...

On Fear and Self Portraits

Gustav Klimt, 1900

In the midst of Umma Entemena overthrew Urlumma and killed him. He left behind 60 soldiers of his force dead on the bank of the canal.

The war for the Tigris and Euphrates canal

2500 BCE

The Germ, Vol.1

Bad love poems and teenage pontification

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Thomas Woolner, 1850

The Epic of Gilgamesh

2100 BCE

Growing Pains — The Autobiography of Emily Carr

Charming and pointed vignettes from the life of a great Canadian painter

Emily Carr, 1946

The Iliad

800 BCE

The Painter of Modern Life

Present-day beauty: the ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent


The Germ, Vol.2

More terrible poems by the Pre-Raphaelite boyband/brotherhood.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Thomas Woolner,

Memoirs of Madame Vigee-Lebrun

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1835

The Prose Edda

An Icelandic poet recounts the violence and drama of the Norse sagas



Prophetic visions or the hallucinations of ergot poisoning?

Hildegard von Bingen, 1152

The Analysis of Beauty

The infinite complexities of beauty in six principles

William Hogarth, 1753

The Epic of Kings

The honorable Kings of Persia are an example to us all


The Gulistan of Sa'di

Exploring the poetry of ideas


The Divine Comedy


The Odyssey

800 BCE

The Mahābhārata

It takes 1.8 million words to describe the meaning of life

400 BCE


The adventures of Aeneis the Trojan, and what happens when the gods hate you

19 CE


The transformations of man and gods from before formation of the world

1 CE

Ten Books on Architecture

How to build roads, buildings and aqueducts with Roman precision

15 BCE

On the Nature of Things

Physics, the mind, soul, the movements of the universe, and sex, obviously

50 BCE

The Laws of Manu

Want to become a Brahman? Memorize 1000 laws.

200 BCE

The Ramayana

Rama's journey to rescue his wife from the demon king (she's in another castle)

100 BCE

The Magus, Book 1

The rarest of the 19th century grimoires


The Key of Solomon, Book 1

Spells for finding hidden treasure, binding love and summoning angels


The New Art — The New Life

Great minds don't always think alike

Piet Mondrian, 1993

The Lives of the Artists

The first encyclopedia of artists

Giorgio Vasari, 1550

Aristotle’s Poetics

A masterclass on poetry and theater — too bad it’s half missing

335 BCE

Of the Just Shaping of Letters

Typography that stands the test of time

Albrecht Dürer, 1525

Crystal Flowers: Poems and a Libretto

Sad poems from a strange artist

Florine Stettheimer, 1949

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