ObeliskTimeline of Art

Classical India

The largest economy in the world for 1500 years

It takes 1.8 million words to describe the meaning of life

The Mahābhārata

Vyasa, 400 BCE


300 BCE

Want to become a Brahman? Memorize 1000 laws.

The Laws of Manu

Author Unknown, 200 BCE

Rama's journey to rescue his wife from the demon king (she's in another castle)

The Ramayana

Valmiki, 100 BCE

Mahabodhi Temple

250 BCE-50 BCE

Miracle of Sravasti

200 CE

Standing Four-Armed Vishnu

400 CE

Standing Buddha Offering Protection

500 CE

Late Gupta Period Buddha

700 CE

Seated Buddha

700 CE
Next Movement

Byzantine Art

The proliferation of Christian art

330 CE-1453

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