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Albrecht Dürer
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Albrecht Dürer, The ArtistsMelencolia I
Portrait of Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer was a German Printmaker born on May 21, 1471. Dürer contributed to the Northern Renaissance movement and died on April 6, 1528.

Self-portrait at the age of thirteen, Albrecht Dürer

Self-portrait at the age of thirteen 1484

Portrait of the Artist's Father, Albrecht Dürer

Portrait of the Artist's Father 1490

Self-portrait at age 22, Albrecht Dürer

Self-portrait at age 22 1493

Saint Jerome Penitent in the Wilderness, Albrecht Dürer

Saint Jerome Penitent in the Wilderness 1496

The Apocalypse — The Four Horsemen, Albrecht Dürer

The Apocalypse — The Four Horsemen 1498

The Apocalypse — The Whore of Babylon, Albrecht Dürer

The Apocalypse — The Whore of Babylon 1498

Self-portrait at age 28, Albrecht Dürer

Self-portrait at age 28 1500

Wing of a Roller, Albrecht Dürer

Wing of a Roller 1500

Young Hare, Albrecht Dürer

Young Hare 1502

The Large Piece of Turf, Albrecht Dürer

The Large Piece of Turf 1503

Adam and Eve, Albrecht Dürer

Adam and Eve 1504

Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman, Albrecht Dürer

Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman 1505

Salvator Mundi, Albrecht Dürer

Salvator Mundi 1505

Feast of Rose Garlands, Albrecht Dürer

Feast of Rose Garlands 1506

The Little Owl, Albrecht Dürer

The Little Owl 1506

Eva and Adam, Albrecht Dürer

Eva and Adam 1507

Head of an African, Albrecht Dürer

Head of an African 1508

The Crucifixion, from The Passion, Albrecht Dürer

The Crucifixion, from The Passion 1511

Melencolia I, Albrecht Dürer

Melencolia I 1514

The Celestial Globe — Southern Hemisphere, Albrecht Dürer

The Celestial Globe — Southern Hemisphere 1515

The Rhinoceros, Albrecht Dürer

The Rhinoceros 1515

Portrait of Maximilian I, Albrecht Dürer

Portrait of Maximilian I 1519

Dost thou see how the unjust tyranny of worldly power and the might of darkness prevail? Hear, thou knight of Christ, ride on beside the Lord Jesus; guard the truth, win the martyr's crown!

A prayer for the safety of Martin Luther 1521

Of the Just Shaping of Letters, Albrecht Dürer

Of the Just Shaping of Letters 1525

Portrait of Jakob Muffel, Albrecht Dürer

Portrait of Jakob Muffel 1526

Tuft of Cowslips, Albrecht Dürer

Tuft of Cowslips 1526

Outstanding Painter and Architect of the Cities, Albrecht Dürer

Outstanding Painter and Architect of the Cities 1535

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