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Thomas Woolner
Sculptor turned poet, Pre-Raphaelite turned Neoclassicist

Thomas Woolner, The Artists
Portrait of Thomas Woolner

Thomas Woolner was an English artist born in 1825. Woolner contributed to the Pre Raphaelite movement and died in 1892.

The Germ, Vol.2, Pre Raphaelites

More terrible poems by the Pre-Raphaelite boyband/brotherhood.

The Germ, Vol.2

The Germ, Vol.1, Pre Raphaelites

Bad love poems and teenage pontification

The Germ, Vol.1

Portrait of Charles Joseph La Trobe, Thomas Woolner

Portrait of Charles Joseph La Trobe

Portrait of William Charles Wentworth, Thomas Woolner

Portrait of William Charles Wentworth

Alfred Tennyson, Thomas Woolner

Alfred Tennyson

Portrait of Alexander A. Knox, Thomas Woolner

Portrait of Alexander A. Knox


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