Horrible love poems and the pontification of teenagers.

The Germ, Vol.1

by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1850

The Germ was a terrible magazine that ran for 4 issues in 1850. Written by the mopey boyband/art movement known as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the magazine was edited by William Michael Rossetti, and featured awful poems, saccharine monologues, and art theory by himself, his brother and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the sculptor Thomas Woolner and a few of their friends. So why should you read The Germ? Because there is no better reminder that a few love-lorn teens with strong opinions can actually create art that lasts for 100s of years. So get out there, write some poems! You'll have to try pretty hard to make something worse than these guys.

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My Beautiful Lady

Her spirit sits aloof, and high, Altho' it looks thro' her soft eye Sweetly and tenderly.

Of My Lady in Death

Her breath caught with short plucks and fast:— Then one hot choking strain. She never breathed again:

The Love of Beauty

The artist-mind alone can feel his meaning...

The Subject in Art, No.1

John Tupper attempts to untangle 'fine art' from 'high art' and confuses both himself and his audience

The Seasons

The crocus, in the shrewd March morn, thrusts up its saffron spear

Dream Land

Rest, rest, for evermore, Upon a mossy shore

Hand and Soul

He knew her hair to be the golden veil through which he beheld his dreams

My Sister's Sleep

Silence was speaking at my side, With an exceedingly clear voice, I knew the calm as of a choice, Made in God for me, to abide.