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John Everett Millais
Prodigy, Pre-Raphaelite, sellout?

John Everett Millais, The Artists
Portrait of John Everett Millais

John Everett Millais was an English artist born on June 8, 1829. Everett Millais contributed to the Pre Raphaelite movement and died on August 13, 1896.

Isabella, John Everett Millais


Christ in the House of His Parents, John Everett Millais

Christ in the House of His Parents

A Huguenot on St Bartholomew's Day, John Everett Millais

A Huguenot on St Bartholomew's Day

Ophelia, John Everett Millais



I AM emphatically of opinion that the best Art of modern times is as good as any of its kind that has gone before, and furthermore, that the best Art of England can hold its own against the world.

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