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Enchanted space in the city of Nietzsche

Giorgio de Chirico

Ghosts, madness, and the blood-soaked end of feudalism.

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Paint flowers, make money.

Rachel Ruysch

Fiercely independent lesbian paints Paris in shades of gray.

Romaine Brooks

We shall remake the world.

Liubov Popova

Can you cheat at art?

Johannes Vermeer

Virtuoso painter, political chameleon, complete jerk.

Jacques-Louis David

Non-competitive art for the literati, gay and polyglot.

Florine Stettheimer

Genius dead at 28.

Egon Schiele

The man who rewrote his life.

Adolf Wölfli

Stubborn Commitment = Beauty

William Holman Hunt

Why can’t I stop painting my mother?

Umberto Boccioni

Sculptor turned poet, Pre-Raphaelite turned Neoclassicist.

Thomas Woolner

Star boy parties himself to death.

Raphael Sanzio

A self-taught painter struggles through poverty and war.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Inventor of Photography

Nicéphore Niépce

The unflinching embrace of motherhood.

Mary Cassatt

Prodigy, Pre-Raphaelite, Sellout?

John Everett Millais

Nudes teach you everything you need to know (to paint landscapes).

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

The third cubist

Jean Metzinger

A hermit explores the dreamscape

Gustave Moreau

Love of country and love of women — especially women.

Gustav Klimt

Meet the inventor of propaganda.

Gudea, King of Lagash

What if you only painted bottles for your whole life?

Giorgio Morandi

Copying Leonardo da Vinci for fun and profit.


A disgraced silversmith, last of a dynasty

François-Thomas Germain

Lover of beauty, pursued by the specter of death

Ferdinand Hodler

A rebellious painter shocks the French Salon and courts his brothers wife.

Édouard Manet

Querulous poet founds art movement.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A celibate perfectionist revives classical sculpture


How a murderer invented Baroque painting.


Favorite of the salon, a classical painter with an erotic edge.

Alexandre Cabanel

Eloquent writer forges new path in painting.

Vincent Van Gogh

How to paint music.

Wassily Kandinsky

The architect of invisible cities.

Wenzel Hablik

How to transcend criticism by embracing solitude.

Winslow Homer

The art of indifference

Marcel Duchamp

The world isn't ready.

Hilma af Klint

"Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry."

Susan B. Anthony

Painting dreams with a child's brush.

Henri Rousseau

Who was Joshua Johnson?

Joshua Johnson

A pacifist paints lions and leopards.

Edward Hicks

Eggs for rich people.

Peter Carl Fabergé

Anti-gravity fuel and the adventures of the Sonora Aero Club

Charles Dellschau

Humor, sex, and a new camera.

Man Ray

A peasant I was born, and a peasant I will die

Jean-François Millet

Rich color and mood like smooth syrup


A mathematician gets fierce with perspective

Piero della Francesca

Realism is not always nice.

Ilya Repin

The beautiful weirdness of nature

Ernst Haeckel

The art of seeing the world

Charles Darwin

Did you know he was a vegetarian?

Leonardo da Vinci

The intellectual mother of Abstract Expressionism

Olga Rozanova

A quiet man transcends racism to bring art back to religion.

Henry Ossawa Tanner

Grim fandango.

James Ensor

Too many prostitutes and too much absinth.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Mary brings home the bacon.

Mary Beale

Inventor of Curb Appeal, Master of the Facade.

Andrea Palladio

An underdog artist pits monsters vs. superheroes.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

A great painter — but a perfect entrepreneur.

Peter Paul Rubens

A Caravaggisti embraces silence.

Georges de La Tour

A lesson in making enemies

James McNeill Whistler

The faces we see in our dreams.

Odilon Redon

In search of a lost paradise.

Paul Gauguin

Painted for Marie Antoinette and never made a dime.

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

A Jesuit missionary paints the emperor of China.

Giuseppe Castiglione, 郎世寧

A psychiatrist releases his mind and invents Surrealism.

André Breton

Why did we forget about Alfred Sisley?

Alfred Sisley

A return to stained-glass grace.

Edward Burne-Jones

The quiet tragedy of the big big world.

Caspar David Friedrich

The first space race.

Andreas Cellarius

A french abbess creates the first female-authored encyclopedia.

Herrad of Landsberg

Scientist, feminist, typographer, musician, theologian — saint.

Hildegard von Bingen

Anthropology or exploitation? Portraits of the Māori.

Gottfried Lindauer

Renaissance painter wins the internet.

Joseph Ducreux

A printmaker analyzes taste — and beauty comes out on top.

William Hogarth

The peasant life is the humanist ideal

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Love animals, wear pants, live without compromise.

Rosa Bonheur

Machines that scream — inventing Futurist music.

Luigi Russolo

Finally, a renaissance master with Soul.

El Greco

The human form, rediscovered during the Dark Ages.

Giotto di Bondone

Intimate portraitist and confidant to the queen.

Sofonisba Anguissola

Provocative model becomes a transgressive artist.

Suzanne Valadon

Art-Punk in Futurist Moscow.

Natalia Goncharova

Daughter of a master brings a new perspective to Edo Japan.

Katsushika Ōi

"To live so filled with ambition, and at the end, oblivion!"

Marie Bashkirtseff

Jovial portraitist forgotten for 200 years.

Judith Leyster

A woman in Italy invents the still life.

Fede Galizia

Hard-smoking woman documents Canada's native people.

Emily Carr

The mysterious death of a young art teacher.

Elisabetta Sirani

The soul of Impressionism.

Berthe Morisot

Woman takes on the baroque masters, and heads roll.

Artemisia Gentileschi

Artist turns modernism into equal rights activism.

Anne Goldthwaite

A feminist prodigy charms the European elite.

Angelica Kauffmann

Prophet of the violent, industrial future.

Antonio Sant'Elia

A poet creates a church of speed and violence.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

A passionate Impressionist's legacy buried by her husband.

Marie Bracquemond

Cubist Feminist

Marie Laurencin

Why do Expressionists die young?

Paula Modersohn-Becker

A super-craftsman uses color to manipulate our emotions.

Georges Seurat

A childhood introduction to death leads to success, at a price.

Cristóbal Rojas Poleo

"Art does not need us, and it never did."

Kazimir Malevich

A natural academic creates beauty by the rules.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Welcome to Hell.

Heironymus Bosch

Follow your bliss.

Nicholas Roerich

A butcher's son swept off his feet by a renaissance master.

Agnolo Bronzino

The Forgotten Master

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

Foppish men, elegant women, and cavalier style.

Anthony van Dyck

Spiritual rock star kickstarts the Italian Renaissance.

Fra Angelico

Art as prophesy.

Maurice Denis

"The Sun Amidst Small Stars"


The first art historian.

Giorgio Vasari

Everyone loves my bunny!

Albrecht Dürer

The worst painter of the 19th century.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Hard luck in the land of supernatural beauty.

Peder Balke

The man who fell in love with a demon.

Mikhail Vrubel

Why take art so seriously?

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

New York woman of color takes over the world of Italian sculpture.

Mary Edmonia Lewis

Printmaker - Social Activist

Käthe Kollwitz

Peaceful anarchist — humble advocate of the working man.

Camille Pissarro

The 'New Woman' in painting.

Cecilia Beaux

Nature wins, every time.

John Constable

Art is life, science is death.

William Blake

Five kids, a farm, and dizzying allegory.

Thomas Cole

The inventor of the selfie.

Robert Cornelius

The second person to invent photography.

Hippolyte Bayard

Your sins and your good deeds will leave a mark.

Rembrandt van Rijn

"Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things."

Edgar Degas

Every age has its Star Boy, might as well be J.M.W. Turner.

Joseph Mallord William Turner

I didn't know Picasso but he knew me.

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

Painting in the shadow of your best friend.

José Tapiro y Baro

The masters' master.

Katsushika Hokusai

"Sculpture is the art of the hole and the lump."

François Auguste René Rodin

Politics, art, truth. Live out loud.

Émile Zola

Living in Berlin with the angels of fear and death.

Edvard Munch

Status quo — what's that?

Gustave Courbet

Father of Horror, Father of Fantasy

Gustave Doré

A lifelong struggle to capture the intensity of life.

Paul Cézanne

The inventor of photography in Britain.

William Henry Fox Talbot

Visionary Promoter of Photography

Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre

We're all young and hot — let's make out.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard

The man who brought cubism to the masses.

Albert Gleizes

Recipe for a prosperous life: make the emperor look good.

Farrukh Beg

Painting nature from a small boat.

Claude Monet

There is no God — only Truth.

Piet Mondrian

God gave me the rules: OBEY


A painter of inner and outer worlds.

Marc Chagall

Picasso's better half.

Georges Braque

Restoring the land after a century of war.

Entemena, King of Lagash

I am a god.


Unknown Photographer

100% artist

Henri Matisse