Movements in Industrial Revolution


Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood

1848 - 1860

Emo teenagers drag art back to the future.

Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood: Artists


Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood: Writings

Germ Vol. 1 — Chapter 1: My Beautiful Lady

Thomas Woolner — 1850

Her spirit sits aloof, and high, Altho' it looks thro' her soft eye Sweetly and tenderly.

Germ Vol. 1 — Chapter 2: Of My Lady in Death

Thomas Woolner — 1850

Her breath caught with short plucks and fast:— Then one hot choking strain. She never breathed again:

Germ Vol. 2 — Chapter 10: O When and Where

Thomas Woolner — 1850

All knowledge hath taught me, All sorrow hath brought me, Are smothered sighs That pleasure lies

Germ Vol. 1 — Chapter 7: My Sister's Sleep

Dante Gabriel Rossetti — 1850

Silence was speaking at my side, With an exceedingly clear voice, I knew the calm as of a choice, Made in God for me, to abide.

Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood: Artworks

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