The architect of invisible cities.

Meet Wenzel Hablik

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Anthropology or exploitation? Portraits of the Māori.

Gottfried Lindauer

1839 - 1926

Renaissance painter wins the internet.

Joseph Ducreux

1735 - 1802

The architect of invisible cities.

Wenzel Hablik

1881 - 1934

King of controversy.

Johannes Vermeer

1632 - 1675

This is how we decompose and recompose the universe according to our marvelous whims, to centuple the powers of the Italian creative genius and its absolute preeminence in the world.

The Futurist Cinema — 1916

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

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We love what we know


It's easier to enjoy and consume what we already understand. Innovators must convince the public their new ideas are superior to what they already have.

How amusing, if we'll listen


The muses were the nine daughters of Zeus — who would breathe divine inspiration into humans. No one believes in these women anymore, but they're still terribly useful.

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