Artists of Italian Renaissance


Giorgio Vasari

1511 — 1574

The first art historian.

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Writings by Giorgio Vasari

Lives of the Artists: Preface to the Work1550

It was the wont of the finest spirits in all their actions, through a burning desire for glory, to spare no labour, however grievous, in order to bring their works to that perfection which might render them impressive and marvelous to the whole world.

Lives of the Artists: Preface to the Lives1550

Thus far have I thought fit to discourse from the beginning of sculpture and of painting, and peradventure at greater length than was necessary in this place, which I have done, indeed, not so much carried away by my affection for art as urged by the common benefit and advantage of our craftsmen.

Lives of the Artists: Raphael Sanzio1550

Meanwhile, pursuing his amours in secret, Raffaello continued to divert himself beyond measure with the pleasures of love; whence it happened that, having on one occasion indulged in more than his usual excess, he returned to his house in a violent fever.

Lives of the Artists: Agnolo Bronzino1550

Beginning with the oldest and most important, I shall speak first of Agnolo called Bronzino, a Florentine painter truly most rare and worthy of all praise.

Lives of the Artists: Titian1550

...In the first is a river of red wine, about which are singers and musicians, both men and women, as it were drunk, and a naked woman who is sleeping, so beautiful that she might be alive, together with other figures; and on this picture Tiziano wrote his name.

Lives of the Artists: Giotto1550

The boy not only equalled his master, but ... brought back to life the true art of painting

Lives of the Artists: Giorgione1550

He was brought up in Venice, and took unceasing delight in the joys of love

Lives of the Artists: Piero della Francesca1550

I have heard tell, he had made some heads from nature, so beautiful and so well executed that speech alone was wanting to give them life.

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