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Drinking Party, Henry Tayali

Drinking Party

Henry Tayali, 1975
Elephant is Killing a Lion in Funny Way in 1975, John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Elephant is Killing a Lion in Funny Way in 1975

John Ndevasia Muafangejo, 1975
Tomato Pickers, Anita Magsaysay-Ho

Tomato Pickers

Anita Magsaysay-Ho, 1975
Untitled, 1975, María Luisa Pacheco

Untitled, 1975

María Luisa Pacheco, 1975
Princes of Mali, Ben Enwonwu

Princes of Mali

Ben Enwonwu, 1976
Red Rambling Rose Spring Song, Alma Thomas

Red Rambling Rose Spring Song

Alma Thomas, 1976
The Battle of Marrakesh, Ahmed Yacoubi

The Battle of Marrakesh

Ahmed Yacoubi, 1976
The Fish, Baya Mahieddine

The Fish

Baya Mahieddine, 1976
Five Women, Alex Katz

Five Women

Alex Katz, 1977
Future Indicative, Lee Krasner

Future Indicative

Lee Krasner, 1977
La Grange Batelière, Leonor Fini

La Grange Batelière

Leonor Fini, 1977
Negritude, Ben Enwonwu


Ben Enwonwu, 1978
Paper Pool 14, David Hockney

Paper Pool 14

David Hockney, 1978
Surgeon, Leonora Carrington


Leonora Carrington, 1978
The False Preachers, Bodo

The False Preachers

Bodo, 1978
The Musician, Baya Mahieddine

The Musician

Baya Mahieddine, 1978
Tilleul, Joan Mitchell


Joan Mitchell, 1978
Montañas, María Luisa Pacheco


María Luisa Pacheco, 1979
Women Feeding Chickens, Anita Magsaysay-Ho

Women Feeding Chickens

Anita Magsaysay-Ho, 1979
Fantasy Creature, Henry Munyaradzi

Fantasy Creature

Henry Munyaradzi, c. 1980
Mufangejo's Kraal, John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Mufangejo's Kraal

John Ndevasia Muafangejo, 1980
Shepherd is Moving the Cattle to a Good Place for Grasing, John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Shepherd is Moving the Cattle to a Good Place for Grasing

John Ndevasia Muafangejo, 1980
Thinking girl, Henry Munyaradzi

Thinking girl

Henry Munyaradzi, c. 1980
Untitled, 1981, Bertina Lopes

Untitled, 1981

Bertina Lopes, 1981
Dantedore II, Dorothea Tanning

Dantedore II

Dorothea Tanning, 1982
Mother and Child, John Ndevasia Muafangejo

Mother and Child

John Ndevasia Muafangejo, 1983
Zatúlaná Sliepočka, Stray Chicken, Mária Medvecká

Zatúlaná Sliepočka, Stray Chicken

Mária Medvecká, 1983
Al Sham District, Jeddah, Abdul Halim Radwi

Al Sham District, Jeddah

Abdul Halim Radwi, 1985
Negritude, Ben Enwonwu


Ben Enwonwu, 1985
The Female Form, Ben Enwonwu

The Female Form

Ben Enwonwu, 1987
Mami Wata, Figure with Snake, Agbagli Kossi

Mami Wata, Figure with Snake

Agbagli Kossi, c. 1990
Midnight Tango (2am), Nemesio Antúnez

Midnight Tango (2am)

Nemesio Antúnez, c. 1990
Obitun Dancers, Ben Enwonwu

Obitun Dancers

Ben Enwonwu, 1990
The Reservoir, Thornton Dial

The Reservoir

Thornton Dial, 1990
Untitled, Cat Man, Agbagli Kossi

Untitled, Cat Man

Agbagli Kossi, c. 1990
Amman by Midnite, Ali Al Jabri

Amman by Midnite

Ali Al Jabri, 1991
Fiesta, Bertina Lopes


Bertina Lopes, 1990-1991
Head and Shoulders, Henry Munyaradzi

Head and Shoulders

Henry Munyaradzi, 1992
Sneakin’ In, Thornton Dial

Sneakin’ In

Thornton Dial, 1992
Big Red Smile, Alex Katz

Big Red Smile

Alex Katz, 1995
Invisible, Bertina Lopes


Bertina Lopes, 1996
Two Musicians, Ibrahim Kodra

Two Musicians

Ibrahim Kodra, 1996
Untitled, Abdul Halim Radwi


Abdul Halim Radwi, 1996
Caleidoscopio, Bertina Lopes


Bertina Lopes, 1998
Trophies (Doll Factory), Thornton Dial

Trophies (Doll Factory)

Thornton Dial, 1999
Madame Butterfly, Helen Frankenthaler

Madame Butterfly

Helen Frankenthaler, 2000
Embracing, Ibrahim Hussein


Ibrahim Hussein, 2001
Gratitude, Agnes Martin


Agnes Martin, 2001
Coddle 2, Ibrahim Hussein

Coddle 2

Ibrahim Hussein, 2002
Overworked Woman, Bodo

Overworked Woman

Bodo, 2005
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