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Before the Mirror

Berthe Morisot, 1890

Portrait of Dr. Gachet

Vincent Van Gogh, 1890

The Passing Train

Marianne Stokes, 1890

Night at Gurzof

Ivan Aivazovsky, 1891

The Cherry Tree (Study)

Berthe Morisot, 1891

The Frightful Musicians

James Ensor, 1891

The Reclining Shepherdess

Berthe Morisot, 1891

The Sensual

Franz Stuck, c. 1891


Ferdinand Hodler, 1891

Women Ironing

Ivana Kobilca, 1891

La Fiancee de la Nuit

Gustave Moreau, 1892

The Despair of Pierrot

James Ensor, 1892

Jeanne Pontillon Wearing a Hat

Berthe Morisot, 1893

Portrait of Helen Klimt

Gustav Klimt, 1893

Still Life with Coconuts

Francisco Oller, c. 1893

Cup of Cognition (The Children's Cup)

Odilon Redon, 1894

The Hat Secured with a Pin

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1894


Ivana Kobilca, 1894-1895

The Abduction of Psyche

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1895

Skaters near the Shore of Kalela

Akseli Gallen-Kallela, 1896

The Dangerous Cooks

James Ensor, 1896

Steady the Drums and Fifes!

Elizabeth Thompson, 1897

Village Church

Piet Mondrian, 1898

The Gilded Apple

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, 1899

The Madonna of the Lilies

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1899

Cairo at dusk, Egypt

Augustus Osborne Lamplough, 1900

Coastline of the Isle of Gozo

Augustus Osborne Lamplough, 1900

In the Garden

Elizabeth Jane Gardner, c. 1900

Pegasus and the Muse

Odilon Redon, 1900

Tea in the Garden

Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, c. 1900

The Tribute

Ludwig Deutsch, c. 1900


Helene Schjerfbeck, 1904

The Stone with Three Sketches

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1904


Jean Metzinger, 1904


Franz Stuck, 1905

Femme assise au bouquet de feuillage

Jean Metzinger, 1905

Lacquered Wood Chair

Koloman Moser, 1905

Madame Matisse in a Kimono

André Derain, 1905

Paysage aux Deux Cypres

Jean Metzinger, 1904-1905

Portrait of a Man

Henri Rousseau, 1905

The Hungry Lion throws itself on the Antelope

Henri Rousseau, 1905

The Red Sails

André Derain, 1906


Gustav Klimt, 1907-1908

Night Landscape

Piet Mondrian, 1907-1908

Äitini, My Mother

Helene Schjerfbeck, 1909

Girl with Parrot

Pierre Bonnard, 1910

Giulia Leonardi

Ferdinand Hodler, 1910


Natalia Goncharova, 1910

Portrait of a Lady

Gwendolen Mary John, 1909-1910

Three Women

Umberto Boccioni, 1910
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