Private Collection

YangShao Amphora

3000 BCE

Liangzhu Bi Disk

3300 BCE-2200 BCE

Madonna and Child

Giampietrino, 1510

Madonna of the Cherries

Giampietrino, 1525

Moses and the Brazen Serpent

Anthony van Dyck, 1530

The Penitent Magdalene

Giampietrino, 1530

Portrait of a Man with a Gloved Hand

Anthony van Dyck, 1540


Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1566

The Air

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1566


Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1589

Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah II Riding His Prized Elephant Atash Khan

Farrukh Beg, 1600

A Crystal Fruit Stand with Peaches, Quinces, and Jasmine

Fede Galizia, 1607

Still life with Venetian glass, Römer wine glass and a candle

Clara Peeters, 1607

Cherries in a Silver Compote

Fede Galizia, 1610

Bianca degli Utili Maselli

Lavinia Fontana, 1615

Portrait of a Lady

Lavinia Fontana, 1605-1615

Saint Barbara

Lucrina Fetti, 1619

Mary Magdalene

Artemisia Gentileschi, 1613-1620

A Market Stall with a Young Woman Giving a Basket of Grapes to an Older Woman

Louise Moillon, 1630

Apricots in a ceramic bowl, with plums on a stone ledge

Louise Moillon, 1631

Still Life with Peaches and Carob

Giovanna Garzoni, 1640

Still Life with Pears and a Butterfly

Giovanna Garzoni, 1640

An Allegory of Fame

Elisabetta Sirani, 1657

An Allegory of Virtue

Elisabetta Sirani, 1657

Amorino triumphant at sea (Amorino Medici)

Elisabetta Sirani, 1661

Holy Family with Sts Anne and Joachim

Elisabetta Sirani, 1662

Portrait of a lady, half-length, as Pandora or Artemisia

Elisabetta Sirani, 1638-1665

The Concert

Johannes Vermeer, 1665

The Martyrdom of Saint Lucy

Elisabetta Sirani, 1638-1665

A Young Woman Seated at the Virginals

Johannes Vermeer, 1670-1672

Portrait of a Mathematician

Mary Beale, 1680

A Nosegay of Roses, Marigolds, Larkspur and a Bumblebee

Rachel Ruysch, 1695

Portrait of Nell Gwyl

Mary Beale, 1697

Still Life of Flowers on a Table Ledge

Rachel Ruysch, 1700

Allegories of Four Continents, Africa

Rosalba Carriera, 1712

Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar consoling Job

Giulia Lama, 1730

Joseph Interpreting the Eunuchs' Dreams

Giulia Lama, 1730

Musicians playing a Raga for Balwant Dev Singh during the Rainy Season

The Family of Nainsukh, 1745-1750

Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus

Miguel Cabrera, 1750

The Flight into Egypt

Miguel Cabrera, 1750

Virgin of Guadalupe

Miguel Cabrera, 1750

The Goddess Aurora Triumphing Over Night

Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1755-1756

Portrait of John Apthorp and His Daughters

Angelica Kauffmann, 1764

Portrait of Philip Tisdall with his Wife and Family

Angelica Kauffmann, 1770

A Blacksmith's Shop

Joseph Wright of Derby, 1771

Portrait of an Aristocrat in Uniform

Joseph Ducreux, 1785-1790

Self portrait, bust-length, grinning at the viewer

Joseph Ducreux, 1790

Self-portrait in Surprise and Terror

Joseph Ducreux, 1791

Psyche Abandoned

Jacques-Louis David, 1795

The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1799
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