Cycladic Figure

2800 BCE

Early Cycladic female figure

3200 BCE-2800 BCE

Cycladic seated harp player

2800 BCE-2700 BCE

Votive Figurines from Eshnunna

2700 BCE

Majiayao Geometric Bowl

3300 BCE-2650 BCE

Pyramid of Djoser

Imhotep, 2667 BCE-2648 BCE

Avebury Henge

2600 BCE

The Callanish Standing Stones

2900 BCE-2600 BCE

Giza Pyramid Complex

Hemiunu, 2560 BCE-2540 BCE

Bactrian Princess

2500 BCE

Great Sphinx of Giza

2500 BCE

In the midst of Umma Entemena overthrew Urlumma and killed him. He left behind 60 soldiers of his force dead on the bank of the canal.

The war for the Tigris and Euphrates canal

2500 BCE

Perforated plaque of Dudu

2450 BCE

The Eannatum Boulder

2450 BCE

Arbor Low Henge

2400 BCE

Arbor Low Stones

2400 BCE

Clay Nails - A Treaty of Fraternity

2400 BCE

Cone of Entemena

2400 BCE

Hinge inscripted with Entemena

2400 BCE

Liangzhu Jade Cong

2400 BCE

Silver Vase with Cuneiform

2400 BCE

Stele of the Vultures - Historical Side

2350 BCE

Stele of the Vultures - Mythological Side

2350 BCE

Ring of Brodgar

2300 BCE

Inscription by Naram-Sin: Temple Construction

2250 BCE

Naram-Sin Rock Relief at Darband-iGawr

2250 BCE

Male Worshiper of Ninshubur

2250 BCE

Victory Stele of Naram-Sin

2230 BCE

Cycladic female figure

2300 BCE-2200 BCE

Cycladic Kernos — Vase for Offerings

2300 BCE-2200 BCE

Liangzhu Bi Disk

3300 BCE-2200 BCE

Model of Egyptian Nile Boat

2160 BCE-2130 BCE

Gudea cylinders

2125 BCE

I am Nin-jirsu. No country can bear my fierce stare, nobody escapes my outstretched arms.

The Building of Ningirsu's Temple - Cylinder A

2125 BCE

The day was for supplication, the night was for prayer. The moonlight ... early morning, its master.

The Building of Ningirsu's Temple - Cylinder B

2125 BCE

Head of Gudea

2144 BCE-2124 BCE

Gudea Diorite Sculpture

2120 BCE-2120 BCE

Dedication Nail

2100 BCE

The Epic of Gilgamesh

2100 BCE

Statue of Gudea

2090 BCE

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