Model of Egyptian Nile Boat

Model of Egyptian Nile Boat, 2130 BCE, Ancient Egypt
32 cm64 cm

Model of Egyptian Nile Boat is an Ancient Egyptian Wood artwork created between 2160 BCE and 2130 BCE. It lives at the National Museum of Denmark in Denmark. The image is available via Institutional Open Content, and tagged Boats. Source

Since much of Egyptian culture grew up around the fertile farms along the Nile river, boats were an essential part of ancient Egyptian life. The earliest vessels were made from papyrus, bundled together, but by 3000 BCE wooden boats were being piloted up and down the Nile. Few of these boats remain for archeological study, but many models and paintings of boats were included in tombs, intended to transfer the posessions of the deceased to the afterlife. We don't know if this boat and it's nine crewmen made it to A'aru, but they survived to the present day, to show us how ancient Egyptians traversed the waters of this life.

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