1951-T No. 3


At the Solferino-Paris bridge

Théo Kerg, 1951

Baboon and Young

Pablo Picasso, 1951

Christ of Saint John of the Cross

Salvador Dalí, 1951

Dancers of Tlaxcala

Carlos Mérida, 1951

Many Mansions

Madge Gill, 1951

Our Land

Charles White, 1951

Still Life

Giorgio Morandi, 1951

The City

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 1950-1951

Through the headlights we see the land of fire

Aloïse Corbaz, 1941-1951

Triangle Form

Ellsworth Kelly, 1951

Two = One

Saloua Raouda Choucair, 1947-1951

Vir Heroicus Sublimis

Barnett Newman, 1950-1951

White Painting, Three Panel

Robert Rauschenberg, 1951


Mark Rothko, 1952

Arabesque Brush

Albert Gleizes, 1952

Balanced Forms

Araceli Gilbert, 1952

Composition with a Circle

Saloua Raouda Choucair, 1952

Maquette of a Monument Symbolising the Liberation of the Spirit

Antoine Pevsner, 1952

Mountains and Sea

Helen Frankenthaler, 1952

On the Contrary

Kay Sage, 1952

Portrait of Willem de Kooning

Elaine de Kooning, 1952

Red and Yellow

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 1952


Elizabeth Catlett, 1952

Some Roses and Their Phantoms

Dorothea Tanning, 1952

Sorrow of the King

Henri Matisse, 1952

Step-Sister's Hen

Leonora Carrington, 1952

Still Life

Giorgio Morandi, 1952

Study for a Portrait

Francis Bacon, 1952

Village People

Grégoire Michonze, 1952

Woman I

Willem de Kooning, 1950-1952

Woman, II

Willem de Kooning, 1952

African Theme III

Charles Alston, 1952-1953

Biblical scenes

Bodo, 1953

Composition with Vertical

Saloua Raouda Choucair, 1953

Construction in space

Araceli Gilbert, 1953

Gradual Rythmical Composition

Saloua Raouda Choucair, 1953

Harvest Talk

Charles White, 1953

Linear Construction in Space no. 3, with Red

Naum Gabo, 1952-1953

Migrating Birds

Norman Lewis, 1953

Mother and Child (Abstract)

Tamara de Lempicka, 1953

New York, N.Y.

Franz Kline, 1953


Vũ Cao Đàm, 1953

Scene with a Car

Chang Ucchin, 1953

Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance

Ellsworth Kelly, 1951-1953


Mark Rothko, 1953

A White Bull

Lee Jung-seob, 1953-1954

Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus)

Salvador Dalí, 1954

Imaginary Numbers

Yves Tanguy, 1954


Hans Hofmann, 1954
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