Political Works

Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Diego Velázquez, 1650

Red Sea, from the ‘Nasser’ series

Ali Al Jabri, 1980

Refugee Families

Dorothea Lange, 1937

Representatives of Foreign Powers

Henri Rousseau, 1907

Revolt in Cairo on 21 October 1798

Anne-Louis Girodet, 1810

Self-Portrait on the Border Line Between Mexico and the United States

Frida Kahlo, 1932

Southern Pasture

Benny Andrews, 1963

Stele of the Vultures - Historical Side

2350 BCE

Stele of the Vultures - Mythological Side

2350 BCE

Still Life

Andy Warhol, 1976

Still life with Rougon Macquart


The penalty of sin remains as long as the hatred of self...

The 95 Theses


The Cathedrals of Wall Street

Florine Stettheimer, 1939

The death of Girardot in Bárbula

Cristóbal Rojas Poleo, 1883

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

The Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson, 1776

The Eannatum Boulder

2450 BCE

For the sake of the peace of our times, each one may have the free opportunity to worship as he pleases

The Edict of Milan

Constantine I, Licinius, 313 CE

The Execution of Emperor Maximilian

Édouard Manet, 1867

The First One Hundred Years

Archibald Motley, 1963-1972

The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli

Carlo Carrà, 1910-1911

The Intervention of the Sabine Women

Jacques-Louis David, 1795-1799

The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons

Jacques-Louis David, 1789

The real map of the world (N°1)

Chéri Samba, 2011

The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon

Lavinia Fontana, 1600


Ferdinand Hodler, 1891

Victoria Station 1918: The Green Cross Corps

Clare Atwood, 1919
More Themes in Art

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