Abstract Art

— Unshackled from the figure


Bernice Bing, 1989

Image II

Barbara Hepworth, 1960

Improvisation 28 (second version)

Wassily Kandinsky, 1912

In the Patio IX

Georgia O'Keeffe, 1950

Individual Worlds

Charmion von Wiegand, 1947


Bertina Lopes, 1996


Clyfford Still, 1944


Elaine de Kooning, 1958

Kame, Summer Awelye II

Emily Kame Kngwarreye, 1991

Kestner Portfolio, Proun 1

El Lissitzky, 1923

Kestner Portfolio, Proun 2

El Lissitzky, 1923

Kestner Portfolio, Proun 3

El Lissitzky, 1923

Kestner Portfolio, Proun 4

El Lissitzky, 1923

Kestner Portfolio, Proun 5

El Lissitzky, 1923

Kestner Portfolio, Proun 6

El Lissitzky, 1923

King Solomon's Ring

Ahmed Yacoubi, 1963


El Lissitzky, 1922-1924


Hans Hofmann, 1954

Lake Reflecting Advent of Spring

Alma Thomas, 1973


Willem de Kooning, 1972

Line Construction

Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1920

Linear Composition

Liubov Popova, 1919

Linear Construction in Space no. 3, with Red

Naum Gabo, 1952-1953

Looking for the Right Spot

Thornton Dial, 2004


Piet Mondrian, 1921

Madame Butterfly

Helen Frankenthaler, 2000


María Luisa Pacheco, 1974

May Picture

Paul Klee, 1925

Mayacamas No. 6

Bernice Bing, 1963


Aubrey Williams, 1963

Migrating Birds

Norman Lewis, 1953


Adolph Gottlieb, 1961


María Luisa Pacheco, 1979


Théo Kerg, 1950

Mother and Child (Abstract)

Tamara de Lempicka, 1953

Movement of the Angle

Saloua Raouda Choucair, 1983-1985

Movement, Sails

Marsden Hartley, 1916

Music for J.S. Bach

Robert Motherwell, 1989

Mystic Suprematism

Kazimir Malevich, 1920-1922

New York, N.Y.

Franz Kline, 1953

Newsprint Collage

Ad Reinhardt, 1940

Night Creatures

Lee Krasner, 1965

No. 12

Ad Reinhardt, 1950

Non-Objective Composition

Olga Rozanova, 1916

Non-Objective Composition (Flight of an Airplane)

Olga Rozanova, 1916

Non-Objective Painting no. 80 (Black on Black)

Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1918

Now and Again It Flowers

Ibrahim Hussein, 1973

Ntange Dreaming

Emily Kame Kngwarreye, 1989

Nude Model in the Studio

Fernand Henri Léger, 1912-1913

Number 107

Ad Reinhardt, 1950
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Highlighting Black Artists

Ancient Classics

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