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Marie Laurencin

Self Portrait — 1908

Self Portrait — 1908, Marie Laurencin
Self Portrait — 1908, zoomed in
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Self Portrait — 1908 is an Early Modernist Oil on Canvas Painting created by Marie Laurencin in 1908. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Women and Self-portraits. Download

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Very little information is readily available about this striking, simplified self portrait of Marie Laurencin. Painted in 1908, we her using the deep browns and ochers that marked her time with Picasso and the Cubists, before she developed her signature style of rose and grey. The portrait is a familiar one however, this face being nearly identical to Laurencin’s self-portrait in “Group of Artists” — with only slight differences in the position of the eyes and the uncovered shoulder. Though the works were painted the same year, it is unknown whether this Self Portrait was a study for the larger piece, or a later refinement.

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