Group of Artists

Group of Artists, 1908, Marie Laurencin
65.1 cm81 cm

Group of Artists is an Early Modernist Oil on Canvas Painting created by Marie Laurencin in 1908. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Women, Portraits and Self-portraits. Source

Paris in 1908 was a soap opera starring the brightest and wildest writers and artists of the time. Marie Laurencin's "Group of Artists" tells the story perfectly — Picasso in a blue suit is flattened in a nod to his primitivist abstractions, his model Fernande Olivier coyly leans head on hand. Apollinaire is center stage, and Laurencin stands between the men with a rose and a knowing expression. This clever, even humorous group portrait acts like a poster for a TV show — with hints and gestures for fans of the series recognize.

And this group had their fans — Gertrude Stein, avid collector of these early modernists' artwork bought "Group of Artists" for display in her massive home gallery. It was Marie Laurencin's first art sale, the first of a long and prolific career.

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