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Art Forms in Nature, Plate 28: Discomedusae

Art Forms in Nature, Plate 28: Discomedusae, 1904 — Ernst Haeckel
26 cm35.8 cm

Art Forms in Nature, Plate 28: Discomedusae is an Enlightenment, Lithography Printmaking created by Ernst Haeckel in 1904. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Science. Source

  1. (top center): Toreuma bellagemma (Haeckel) = Kolpohorae, medusa from the side
  2. (center): Toreuma bellagemma (Haeckel) = Kolpohorae, medusa from
  3. (bottom right): Toreuma bellagemma (Haeckel) = Kolpohorae, medusa, mouth from below
  4. (bottom left): Toreuma bellagemma (Haeckel) = Kolpohorae, medusa, gonads from above
  5. (top left): Toreuma thamnostoma (Haeckel) = Kolpohorae, medusa, bell from above
  6. (top right): Cassiopeja cyclobalia (Leo Schultze) = Cassiopea andromeda (Forsskål, 1775), medusa, bell from above
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