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Élisabeth Chaplin
A life's worth of paintings dedicated to Florence

Élisabeth Chaplin, The ArtistsTwo Nudes, Double Self-portrait
Portrait of Élisabeth Chaplin

Élisabeth Chaplin was a French Female Artist born on October 17, 1890. Chaplin contributed to the Symbolist and Post-Impressionist movements, worked in Italy and died on January 28, 1982.

The Three Sisters, Élisabeth Chaplin

The Three Sisters 1912

Two Nudes, Double Self-portrait, Élisabeth Chaplin

Two Nudes, Double Self-portrait 1918

Le Muillard, Élisabeth Chaplin

Le Muillard 1920

Chicken Coop under Blossoming Cherry Tree, Élisabeth Chaplin

Chicken Coop under Blossoming Cherry Tree 1950

Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Élisabeth Chaplin

Jesus and Mary Magdalene 1950

Winter, Élisabeth Chaplin

Winter 1950

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