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#10, Mark Rothko

#10 Mark Rothko, 1952

Mountains and Sea, Helen Frankenthaler

Mountains and Sea Helen Frankenthaler, 1952

Woman I, Willem de Kooning

Woman I Willem de Kooning, 1950 – 1952

Woman, II, Willem de Kooning

Woman, II Willem de Kooning, 1952

Migrating Birds, Norman Lewis

Migrating Birds Norman Lewis, 1953

New York, N.Y., Franz Kline

New York, N.Y. Franz Kline, 1953

Untitled, Mark Rothko

Untitled Mark Rothko, 1953

Laburnum, Hans Hofmann

Laburnum Hans Hofmann, 1954

Shattered Light, Lee Krasner

Shattered Light Lee Krasner, 1954

The Sprawling City, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

The Sprawling City Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 1954

White Light, Jackson Pollock

White Light Jackson Pollock, 1954

Woman, Willem de Kooning

Woman Willem de Kooning, 1953 – 1954

Bed, Robert Rauschenberg

Bed Robert Rauschenberg, 1955

Bird Talk, Lee Krasner

Bird Talk Lee Krasner, 1955

Birth, Lee Krasner

Birth Lee Krasner, 1956

Buttress, Franz Kline

Buttress Franz Kline, 1956

Composition 16, Beauford Delaney

Composition 16 Beauford Delaney, 1954 – 1956

Easter Monday, Willem de Kooning

Easter Monday Willem de Kooning, 1955 – 1956

Hemlock, Joan Mitchell

Hemlock Joan Mitchell, 1956

The Seasons, Lee Krasner

The Seasons Lee Krasner, 1957

The Tangled Thread, Marie Raymond

The Tangled Thread Marie Raymond, 1957

Composition Plains, Seund Ja Rhee

Composition Plains Seund Ja Rhee, 1958

Iberia, Robert Motherwell

Iberia Robert Motherwell, 1958

Juarez, Elaine de Kooning

Juarez Elaine de Kooning, 1958

No. 16 (Red, Brown, and Black), Mark Rothko

No. 16 (Red, Brown, and Black) Mark Rothko, 1958

Monogram, Robert Rauschenberg

Monogram Robert Rauschenberg, 1955 – 1959

Alabama, Norman Lewis

Alabama Norman Lewis, 1960

Cool Blast, Adolph Gottlieb

Cool Blast Adolph Gottlieb, 1960

The Eye is the First Circle, Lee Krasner

The Eye is the First Circle Lee Krasner, 1960

The Gate, Hans Hofmann

The Gate Hans Hofmann, 1959 – 1960

Untitled (Rome, June 1960), Cy Twombly

Untitled (Rome, June 1960) Cy Twombly, 1960

Duo, Philip Guston

Duo Philip Guston, 1961

Mist, Adolph Gottlieb

Mist Adolph Gottlieb, 1961

Force, Claude Clark

Force Claude Clark, 1961

The Gremlins, Norman Lewis

The Gremlins Norman Lewis, 1961

Untitled, Cy Twombly

Untitled Cy Twombly, 1961

Velasquez Family, Bernice Bing

Velasquez Family Bernice Bing, 1961

Five Feet of Colorful Tools, Jim Dine

Five Feet of Colorful Tools Jim Dine, 1962

Leda and the Swan, Cy Twombly

Leda and the Swan Cy Twombly, 1962

Stars at Dawn, Seund Ja Rhee

Stars at Dawn Seund Ja Rhee, 1962

Summer Summit, Hans Hofmann

Summer Summit Hans Hofmann, 1962

The Water, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

The Water Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 1962

A Lady and a Road Map, Bernice Bing

A Lady and a Road Map Bernice Bing, 1963

Canal, Helen Frankenthaler

Canal Helen Frankenthaler, 1963

King Solomon's Ring, Ahmed Yacoubi

King Solomon's Ring Ahmed Yacoubi, 1963

Mayacamas No. 6, Bernice Bing

Mayacamas No. 6 Bernice Bing, 1963

The Bay, Helen Frankenthaler

The Bay Helen Frankenthaler, 1963

Untitled, Marie Raymond

Untitled Marie Raymond, 1963

Vénus N°1, Seund Ja Rhee

Vénus N°1 Seund Ja Rhee, 1963

Breakthrough I, Robert Rauschenberg

Breakthrough I Robert Rauschenberg, 1964

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