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Timeline of Art

World wars and the rejection of tradition

Symbolism, Modernism


A mystic search for meaning and psychological truth.

1880 – 1910
Art Nouveau, Modernism

Art Nouveau

Out with the old, in with the sexy

1890 – 1910
Vienna Secession, Modernism

Vienna Secession

"To every age its art. To art its freedom."

1897 – 1905
Fauvism, Modernism


"A pot of paint has been flung in the face of the public"

1900 – 1910
Social Realism, Modernism

Social Realism

Realism as a weapon

1900 – 1950
Expressionism, Modernism


A more authentic, anxious, and grotesque reality

1905 – 1933
Futurism, Modernism


Blood, speed and violence.

1909 – 1944
Cubism, Modernism


"We only wanted to express what was in us..."

1910 – 1930
Suprematism, Modernism


Taking refuge in the square.

1913 – 1924
Dada, Modernism


Dada is anti-dada!

1916 – 1924
De Stijl, Modernism

De Stijl

The art of the perfectly straight line

1917 – 1931
Harlem Renaissance, Modernism

Harlem Renaissance

An explosion of black culture in America

1918 – 1936
Constructivism, Modernism


Art should only serve society.

1919 – 1935
Art Deco, Modernism

Art Deco

Geometry, ornamentation, and lots and lots of money

1920 – 1940
Regionalism, Modernism


Finding a way back home

1920 – 1960
Surrealism, Modernism


Art without reason, aesthetics or morality

1924 – 1965
Hanoi School, Modernism

Hanoi School

Colonialism vs Tradition

1925 – 1981
Abstract Expressionism, Modernism

Abstract Expressionism

It's not a picture, it's an event

1940 – 1960
Minimalism, Modernism


What you see is what you see

1950 – 2000
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Next Era
Contemporary Art, Timeline of Art

Contemporary Art

Globalism, introspection and tail-swallowing

1960 – 2020

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