1st ML, CE

Basilica of San Vitale

Bishop Ecclesius, 526 CE-547 CE

Floor Mosaic with Ktisis

500 CE-550 CE

Disk of Mictlantecuhtli

1 CE-600 CE

Every one shall have his portion from the side to which he belongs.

The Medina Charter

Muhammad, 622 CE

Have I given the message?—O Allah, be my witness.

Muhammad's Farewell Sermon

Muhammad, 632 CE

Torcello Cathedral

639 CE

Chalchiuhtlicue Monolith

1 CE-650 CE

Greenstone Mask

200 CE-700 CE

Hunterston Brooch

700 CE

Late Gupta Period Buddha

700 CE

Palace of Theodoric

700 CE

Seated Buddha

700 CE

Standing Female Deity, probably Durga

700 CE

Zhenmushou, Tomb Guardian

740 CE

Costumed Figure

600 CE-800 CE

Enghøj Brooch

800 CE

Malwiya Minaret, ملوية

Al-Mutawakkil, 848 CE-851 CE

Borobudur Temple

Gunadharma, 750 CE-900 CE

Kufic Script from a Qur'an

900 CE

Qur'an leaf in Kufic script

900 CE

Whale-Bone Plaque

900 CE

Head of Brahma

900 CE-925 CE

Head of Shiva

900 CE-925 CE

Head of Vishnu

900 CE-925 CE

Kneeling Male Attendant

921 CE-945 CE

Bust of Five-Headed Shiva

950 CE

Gjermundbu Helmet

970 CE

Mammen Silver-inlaid Axehead

970 CE

Bowl with Arabic Proverb


Casket with Warriors and Dancers


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