1st ML, BCE

Mahabodhi Temple

250 BCE-50 BCE

Physics, the mind, soul, the movements of the universe, and sex, obviously

On the Nature of Things

Lucretius, 50 BCE

The Desborough Mirror

50 BCE

The Snettisham Great Torc

150 BCE-50 BCE

Waterloo Bridge Helmet

150 BCE-50 BCE

The history of Rome from by Titus Livius Patavinus

Livy's History of Rome

Titus Livius Patavinus, 32 BCE

Iron Age Celtic Coin

20 BCE

How to build roads, buildings and aqueducts with Roman precision

Ten Books on Architecture

Vitruvius, 15 BCE

Pyramid of Cestius

Gaius Cestius, 12 BCE

Temple d'Auguste et de Livie

10 BCE

Statue of Artemis Ephesus


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