Courtesan Asleep

Katsushika Hokusai, 1800

Cousin, Suzie Porter, New York City

James Van Der Zee, 1914


Piet Mondrian, 1908


Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1566

Edward and Sarah Rutter

Joshua Johnson, 1805

Edward Stillingfleet

Mary Beale, 1690


Emma Sandys, 1862-1865

Elector Clemens Augustus of Cologne

Rosalba Carriera, 1727

Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy, Prince of Oneglia

Anthony van Dyck, 1624

Ethel Page

Cecilia Beaux, 1884

Etienne Vigée (The Artist's Brother)

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1773

Face of a Nubian Girl

Tahia Halim, 1975

Figure at the Window

Salvador Dalí, 1988


Titian, 1515


Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1589

Frieda and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo, 1931

Funerary Portrait of Jacques Damala

Sarah Bernhardt, 1889

Gala Éluard

Max Ernst, 1924

General Étienne-Maurice Gérard

Jacques-Louis David, 1816

General Moses (Harriet Tubman)

Charles White, 1965

George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax

Mary Beale, 1674-1676

German Girl

Hannah Höch, 1930


Ivana Kobilca, 1926

Girl Arranging Her Hair

Mary Cassatt, 1886

Girl at Her First Communion

María Blanchard, 1914

Girl in Profile

Gwendolen Mary John, 1918

Girl with a Flute

Johannes Vermeer, 1665

Girl with a rose

Lê Phổ, 1941

Girl with Chrysanthemums

Olga Boznańska, 1894

Girl with Flower

Lê Thị Lựu, 1950

Girl with the Red Hat

Johannes Vermeer, 1665-1666

Giulia Leonardi

Ferdinand Hodler, 1910

Giulia Leonardi

Ferdinand Hodler, 1910

Gold Marilyn Monroe

Andy Warhol, 1962

Grace Allison McCurdy and her Daughters, Mary Jane and Letitia Grace

Joshua Johnson, 1806

Group of Artists

Marie Laurencin, 1908

Gudea Diorite Sculpture

2120 BCE-2120 BCE

Gypsy from Figueres

Salvador Dalí, 1923

Hartley and Ginny

Alice Neel, 1970

Head of a Girl

Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

Head of a Man

Charles Alston, 1961

Head of a Ruler

2300 BCE-2000 BCE

Head of a Yound Woman

Edgar Degas, 1867

Head of an African

Albrecht Dürer, 1508

Head of Queen Idia


Heeni Hirini and Child

Gottfried Lindauer, 1878

Henrietta Maria

Anthony van Dyck, 1632-1635

Henry McBride, Art Critic

Florine Stettheimer, 1922


Ivana Kobilca, 1886

Horizontal Volumes

Umberto Boccioni, 1912
More Themes in Art

Judith and Holophernes

Therapeutic beheading



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