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Starry Sky, Attempt

Starry Sky, Attempt, 1909 — Wenzel Hablik
200 cm200 cm

Starry Sky, Attempt is an  artwork created by Wenzel Hablik in 1909. It lives at the Wenzel Hablik Museum in Germany. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Stars, and Planets.

We don't know much about Wenzel Hablik's painting of the glittering cosmos. Titled, Starry Sky, Attempt, Hablik seems to understand the imperfection of his vision. It's too full, too bright, too hopeful.

Wenzel Hablik paints a universe as alive as a busy street, outer space with a pulse. But that's Hablik for you, the boy who stared into crystals and saw palaces inside, the man who designed cities perched on mountain tops. The man who lived through WWI, and was still able to say "Speak out! Speak out! Delight in existence — in the universe— in being and perishing."

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