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John James Audubon

Summer Red Bird

Summer Red Bird, John James Audubon
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Summer Red Bird is an Enlightenment Engraving Print created by John James Audubon from 1827 to 1838. It lives at the Watkinson Library, Trinity College in the United States. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Birds. SourceDownload

“This beautiful species is of solitary habits, preferring at all times the interior of the forests, but not the densest parts of them. I have observed that woods interspersed with what are called scrubby hickories or stunted oaks, are favourite resorts of the Summer Red-birds.

Their residence in the United States scarcely exceeds four months. None remain in any of the more southern parts of our districts. Indeed, by the middle of September, it would be difficult to see a single pair in the forests of Louisiana. So very tender do they seem to be in regard to cold, or even temperate weather, that they seldom go farther north than Boston, or the shores of Lake Erie, but prefer the sandy woodlands all along the eastern shores, as far as Massachusetts.”

— John James Audubon, from Birds of America

Reed Enger, "Summer Red Bird," in Obelisk Art History, Published May 10, 2017; last modified May 16, 2021, http://arthistoryproject.com/artists/john-james-audubon/summer-red-bird/.

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